I don’t know what’s in front of me but I know I don’t want to go back. I am a better person from Fearless Life Coaching w/Sylvia and now I have the ability to continue to make things better for me and my family.

Nancy, Small Business Owner, Ohio

Sylvia truly wanted to work with my needs as a client above and beyond teaching the tools of Fearless Living. That genuine focus made all the difference.

Mel Edwards, Educator and Author, Indianapolis, IN

I had no previous experience with life coaching but I would recommend it with Sylvia McIntosh to anyone.  She helped me refocus my thinking in several areas of my life, when I had been bogged down in negativity and bitterness. As a result of working with Sylvia, I have reclaimed my personal power to direct my thoughts and life, which has a positive impact on my family and community.


In Fearless Living, the question is raised about what it means to “Live the life your soul intended.”  For me, I have always held this to be living authentically from within according my true nature, but I had not previously worked out what was my essential true nature or what my soul intends. Even in the religious work there is a lot of talk about it but I had not found practical means to hear the still small voice.  I found my coaching experience to be a very practical and usable teaching that can benefit anyone.  It was very inspiring.

Let me also say just how much I have enjoyed this work even the hard parts - or especially the hard parts. I feel I have really grown as a soul, and am still growing, as a direct result of doing this coaching.

Sylvia has been a gardener in a sense, knowing when to water, prune, trim or feed to help me training my thinking process into a new healthy growing one instead of an old stale negative one. Because of this, I believe coaching has had more value for me than regular counseling which is more like proverbial navel-gazing.


Thank you Sylvia and Fearless Living!

 Jenny H. age 64, retired nurse, Middletown, OH

“I am grateful that I was introduced to Fearless Living at the right time in my life. I wasn’t looking for it but when it presented to me, I thought it sounded intriguing. I am very pleased that I did. My outlook on life has changed. I see myself living the life I was meant to live now. I am so happy with how I am living my life fearlessly. It is not perfect but I feel I have the tools to keep on improving. Thank you, Rhonda, and thank you to my terrific coach, Sylvia, who helped me understand what Fearless Living can be.”

Maryann, RN in VA, age 57