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Why You Need Deep Appreciation in Your Life!

If you haven't yet heard of the Zootie Queen, Amanda Gore*, allow me to introduce you with this wonderful article, reprinted by permission here. If you like this, follow Amanda and her Wired for Joy movement.

Hello Everyone!!

I can’t believe another month has gone by - time is moving at lightening speed isn’t it?

I am so blessed to have received so many kind messages from many of you after the last newsletter and you will be pleased to know that apart from breaking a rib, I have been travelling well.

THANK YOU to all of you for your kind comments!

I have been speaking these days about working ON, not just IN your life so you can CONSCIOUSLY co-create what it is you want and am learning lots as I teach for which I am eternally grateful!

I hope that this month of Thanksgiving, which I love, is a time you are filled with a better understanding of the concept of gratitude.

IT is so much more than just ‘thank you’! It is a DEEP APPRECIATION of what has had to happen for someone or something to get to a point where we have been blessed by their action or thought.

Let me unpack that a bit!!

When we feel a deep sense of gratitude, it encompasses an ability to truly appreciate everything that a person has done to get them to this point. For example, a parent. Rarely does a child truly appreciate and therefore feel deep gratitude until they have had children if their own!

Because up till then, they had no idea / were not conscious / or were unaware of what goes on to be a parent!

If someone if thoughtful and kind….we might say a superficial thank you - but do we truly appreciate what work they have done in their lives to get to a selfless point where they can focus on helping or serving you?

This Thanksgiving, make a point of speaking with deep appreciation, deep reverence and deep gratitude to those around you. At home AND at work.

Try to see what they have worked on in their lives; what struggles they have made it through; what they have done to be the people that you love - and acknowledge that.

Speak from your heart……and try to teach children a greater sense of gratitude than just ‘thank you’. Those words often are said unconsciously!

Start a new tradition from Thanksgiving this year….every night you sit around a table together, everyone needs to answer the question…

'what is the thing you are most grateful for since we last met?’


‘what are you most grateful for today?’

Instead of Thanksgiving being the only day of the year we focus on gratitude - make it a daily deep appreciation of the wonder of life and deep reverence for others and their journey!

Meanwhile - from my heart to yours - a deep appreciation and gratitude for the time you take to read my posts and newsletters; to stay in touch; to offer me support and just to be the family that gives me an opportunity to have a career that is truly my calling!

Bless you and thank you!


Amanda Gore