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Did You Lie to Yourself About Anything Today?

“Lie to myself? Why would I lie to myself? What do you even mean by that?”

Well let me tell you what I mean. Did you agree to do something, anything at all, that you didn’t want to do? When a friend called at the last minute to change or cancel your plans, and you were really disappointed, did you just say it was fine, no problem at all? Do you ever avoid rocking the boat? Some days hold many opportunities to either let our light shine, or go along the path of least resistance. What is it about being honest and kind at the same time that seems so contradictory? Does it have to be that way?

What I love most about Fearless Living is that it is about truth telling with compassion. In all of Rhonda Britten’s work at the Fearless Living Institute, she stresses the importance of 3 key behaviors: Compassion, Honesty, and Personal Responsibility. The sequence is important, too, “When we’re honest without compassion we’re just plain mean,” Rhonda Britten. Even as I am learning to love the freedom it brings, sometimes it is still challenging because Fear wants me to blend in. The problem for me is, when I try to blend in, I get confused and irritable. I lose track of what I want as I try to figure out what is “right.”

What if there were no universal “right” and that nothing about me (or you) is really wrong? How do I determine I’m wrong in the first place? Usually by comparing myself to what I think I know about someone else or to some fantasy hyped in commercials or mass entertainment (books, movies & TV sitcoms where every situation is carefully scripted). So I’m not actually even comparing myself to anything real. No wonder I can’t measure up, no one is as flexible as Elastigirl.

If I won't tell myself the truth, I cannot count on myself to tell others the truth which, in turn, makes me suspicious of whether or not everyone else is telling me the truth. And even this suspicion is somewhat hidden by the confusion of my lies to and about myself and others. I have found that only when I have told myself the whole truth can I really move forward with grace and power.

Is it easy? Not always, however when I am willing to practice the principles of Fearless Living, it is doable. Living without the guilt and confusion is what makes me want to share this process with others.

Did you lie to yourself about anything today? Would you like to learn how to be more honest with yourself? Call me. Let’s talk.

Sylvia McIntosh is a Certified Fearless Living Coach and Certified Fearless Trainer offering private coaching, book groups, and workshops.

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