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What good happened around you today?

What did you notice going on around you today? In particular, what were the good things? What would happen if you took time every day - once, twice, or several times - to pause and write down good things that are happening around you? Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is powerful and can affect all areas of your life.

Here is what cultivating an attitude of gratitude did for me. The assignment had been to write down at least 5 good things that I witnessed each day. At first, I found I focused on the weather and how grateful I was that I and my family were able to move around freely and safely, going to school, work, running errands, or social activities. As I continued this practice, I started to see many other good things: like good service from store clerks or wait staff, polite drivers, people who smiled back if I smiled or said hello. Then there were also the many wonders of modern tech like light switches and outlets that worked every time. I began to appreciate my appliances that make my life simpler: washer and dryer, refrigerator, my wonderful gas stove, and my microwave. Of course there is my computer, my clocks and lamps, the radio the TV, the DVD player and our assortment of game consoles. Fairly quickly I found that the good things in my day outnumbered the challenges - something I had missed before when I only kept track of what went wrong or needed more work.

This new focus on what all is right with the world even spilled over into the challenges as it became easier to find the silver linings, blessings, and lessons in what used to be annoyances and interruptions to the harmonious flow of the day I wished for. I began to be able to enjoy the journey and give up my limited focus on only the results.

Looking for opportunities to focus on the good has made it easier to deal with the challenges when they do come up because now I am open to options and ideas that before I would have missed, simply by focusing on what went wrong.

How would your life be different if you could start to see options where now it feels like there are only roadblocks? Don't think it's possible? I dare you to give life coaching a try and uncover your innate joy.

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