My Story

I have been working as a Certified Fearless Living Coach since 2016, specializing in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to coaching you to recognizing the true you!

Make Your Life Your Own - you've taken care of everyone else, how do you care for yourself?  Learn how and why putting yourself first makes you a better friend, parent, partner.

with Sylvia McIntosh, CFLC ,CFT

Certified Fearless Living Coach, Certified Fearless Trainer.  Certifications through Fearless Living Institute.


How do you talk to yourself?  How does that filter what you hear from everyone around you?  Life Coaching can help you answer those questions.  Once you clear that up, you are free to be your truest self and be a better friend to yourself and others.

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Life Coaching

Get the Most out of Life

Life Coaching can be one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My job is to teach you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life and then coach you thru their application in your daily life. Life Coaching can guide you to become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise, whether with yourself or others.  Book a complimentary exploratory session now.

Relationship Coaching

Is your communication really clear?

Life is all about relationships:  with family and friends, at home, at work, or out and about in any public setting.  In all our relationships - the good or the bad - there is a common factor and that is us.  Even when it feels like the problem is another person, we have more power over our situation than we think we do.  Relationship Coaching sessions can help you learn to identify just how you talk to yourself - the filter thru which all information comes to you. Learn how to be your own best friend (instead of your own worst enemy) which in turn will help you find more satisfaction in all your relationships.

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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”