My Story

Though I will always be a coach - once a coach, always a coach, and always studying and practicing - I am closing my business. I love the coaching, but do not enjoy owning my own business and have decided, after years of classes and trying to find the fun in it, that I am no longer going to try to force myself into that mode. Business owner is not who I am nor have I ever wanted to be. This site will vanish when my subscription ends. My email will remain at

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey and for being part of mine.

Make Your Life Your Own - you've taken care of everyone else, how do you care for yourself?  Learn how and why putting yourself first makes you a better friend, parent, partner.

with Sylvia McIntosh, CFLC ,CFT

Certified Fearless Living Coach, Certified Fearless Trainer.  Certifications through Fearless Living Institute.


How do you talk to yourself?  How does that filter what you hear from everyone around you?  Life Coaching can help you answer those questions.  Once you clear that up, you are free to be your truest self and be a better friend to yourself and others.